Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors have risen sharply in popularity in recent years, and are now a must have feature in the design of new builds, renovations, and extensions. There are many different reasons for this rise in popularity; from giving you more space, to allowing more light in. A folding door allows you to create a 90% clear opening to transform your living space, in comparison to traditional French doors or patio doors which only provide a 40% clear opening.

Bi-folding doors can transform any room into a versatile space that becomes a feature of your home, whether you’re throwing a party in summer, or simply enjoying the sunset from the comfort of your living room, our state-of-the-art doors combine beauty with function.

Aluminium is undoubtedly the smartest choice for the manufacture of bi-folding doors, with it being both lightweight and secure. Another benefit is that, unlike wood, it will not contract or expand in extreme weather conditions, and it is virtually maintenance free. Yet another benefit of aluminium is that it can be powder coated in any colour, meaning that it will match the rest of your home.


Technical Info


technical drawing of bi-folding doors

If you feel your living room lacks space a bi-folding door is the perfect solution for you. Bi-folding doors allow you to bring more light into your home, creating a much brighter, larger, living space.

A simple benefit with bi-folding doors is the money you’ll save, our bi-folding doors are cutting edge, being extremely light, strong, and draught-proof. With A rated glass, you’ll also save a fortune on heating bills, ensuring that little heat is lost through the windows.


Bi folding door space

During summer months it can become difficult to keep your house cool, with bi-folding doors you can simply open them, and allow the summer breeze to drift inwards.

If you’re striving to create a simplistic contemporary feel to your home, odds are you’re finding it difficult. Modern homes tend to be very minimal and airy, something that can be hard to achieve with older buildings. However, by installing bi-folding doors, you can create this effect, and the best part, it won’t cost you a fortune to do so.


Bi-folding doors shut
All of our doors are british designed, and manufactured to exacting and meticulous standards. They exceed current standards for high security, weather performance, design, and have excellent U values. All of our doors utilise the very best in door technology to ensure that they are all ultra safe.

So if you’re considering aluminium bi-folding doors, contact us to see what we can do for you.