About Our Doors

In the past, most entrance doors were commonly made of timber, which whilst looking great, suffered from expansion, contraction and warping in extreme weather conditions. Yet another issue with timber doors is that they need constant maintenance, needing to be repainted every couple of months. Even PVCu doors suffer to some extent, warping and expanding as the weather changes.

Our composite doors are manufactured from GRP, or Glass Reinforced Polyester, they are compression moulded to give high definition panel design that which mimics the authentic timber appearance, the thermosetting manufacturing process means that they are completely unaffected by temperature variations. The stiles and rails in our doors are made of a water-resistant composite material and are bonded to the door.

The insulating core consists of 100% CFC-free polyurethane which provides superior thermal performance and enhances the doors soundproofing. The finished product is a door which is strong, stable, durable, secure and is indiscernible from timber.

Our  composite doors have 9 times better insulation than the average timber door, meaning that you can save on your energy costs with our doors. Our doors also offer better sound insulation than timber doors.

All of our doors are low maintenance, pain free, and robust, they have an easy to clean surface and are designed with security in mind, so much so that all our doors are police preferred specification meaning that you don’t have to substitute looks for security.

All of our doors are covered by a 10 year warranty for de-lamination, performance and discolouration, that’s how confident that what we sell is the best.