Garden Room

Whether your looking for an office, a home studio, extra living space or a play room for the kids, Garden Rooms are a great idea.

We design and build them around your needs and specifications, because we believe that your new Garden Room should reflect the quality and standard you are paying for.

We only use the best quality materials, and tools to create your Garden Room, so you can be assured that your getting the best quality on the market, and rest assured it will last for years!

You can also add extra features to your Garden Room, so it can be used as a multi functional room, such as electrics, Bathroom and toilet facilities, tiled roofs and much more…

How can I benefit from a garden room?

A Garden Room is really special, and they can be used for a number of things;

  • relaxation and yoga
  • Home gym
  • Home office
  • Play room for children
  • Extra living space
  • Extra room to rent out

We can transform your garden into a place you really will enjoy using

However you plan to use your Garden Room, Don’t forget to check out our FAQ’s section to answer any questions

Will I need to maintain/treat the exterior of the garden room?

In short, the answer is No.

Each garden rooms comes with external composite cladding (in 6 colours) which has a maintenance free lifespan of 30 years. It also comes with a GRP roof, which has a maintenance free lifespan of 25 years.

The windows and doors fitted, also come with a 10 year maintenance free lifespan, and guarantee.

What is included as standard?

Each garden room is bespoke to you. When you receive a quote, you will be quoted with VAT for the installation services.

Each Garden Room comes with a consumer unit, and includes:

-2 x double sockets

-1x light switch.

The cost does not include the cost of a power source to the garden room. We can supply you with a separate quote for this, or you can contact your own electrician if you wish to make the connection.

Will I be warm enough in Winter?

Yes. Our garden rooms are fitted with industry standard insulation. 100mm of Kingspan insulation, which is fitted on the walls, floor, and ceiling.

This means you will be warm in winter, and cool in summer time.