With Spring on the way we are all looking forward to getting outdoors ,this year why not add a Knightsbridge Doors and Windows Garden Room to your home and enjoy the garden whatever the weather?

Here at Knightsbridge we supply and fit Garden Rooms for Parbold and across Lancashire.

Our Garden Rooms can be built to any specific size and have multiple uses ranging from Office space to Home Gym.

They can provide extra sleeping space or somewhere to pursue a hobby. Low on maintenance you could use them all year round for:


Child Care

Games Room


Or just for the pleasure of being outdoors…

Whatever your reason be sure to check out our FAQ’S section for more information.

Will I need to maintain/treat the exterior of the garden room?

In short, the answer is No.

Each garden rooms comes with external composite cladding (in 6 colours) which has a maintenance free lifespan of 30 years. It also comes with a GRP roof, which has a maintenance free lifespan of 25 years.

The windows and doors fitted, also come with a 10 year maintenance free lifespan, and guarantee.

Do I need planning permission?

The majority of garden rooms do not require special planning permission. If you do find that you need planning permission, we can help to provide drawing plans of the proposed garden room.

If you plan to use your garden room as a home office, please check with your Landlord or Housing officer about running a business from your home.

Below is a mini guide, which should cover the basics of what you need to know:


*This information is provided as a guide. If you require more information, please contact your local council.*



What happens if I move house?

Adding a Garden Room adds to the value of your home. So you can sell it with the garden room included, or you can always take it with you if you wanted to.

If you have had a garden room fitted, and are looking to move house, please contact us on 01942 375 810, to discuss your options.